Kylie and Kendall Jenner argue over a secluded outfit


Kendall Jenner and Kylie ended up arguing over wearing a Kourtney look, who promised it to Kendall first

Batalla campal, Kylie y Kendall Jenner discuten por un outfit apartado(INSTAGRAM)

Since we learned that Keeping Up With The Kardashians will come to an end in 2021, after 14 years of funny situations, we knew that we were going to miss the typical fights between sisters, so this time we decided to tackle a funny situation in which Kendall Jenner and Kylie were arguing over who should wear a dress.

Nowadays, the latest chapters and new ones are broadcast every week, but what is most striking was this preview in which Kendall and Kylie have a pitched battle for a brown look.

Although the girls are not leaving the house, if they change as if they were going out to a fancy place, apart from having the cameras there to record them, they enjoy being well dressed and wearing something they have never used, so buy clothes select well for who it will be.

That was when Kendall told Kourtney that she wants to wear one of her dresses, however by that time, the beautiful socialite Kylie Jenner had it in her possession, so it ended in a great annoyance, since Kourt did. he had loaned Kendall before.

“I wanted the brown look” shouts Kendall, as Kylie enters the scene enjoying and laughing, so Kendall gets quite annoyed by ensuring that everyone lets Kylie do whatever she wants and that she wear whatever she wants whenever, even if she had set aside with time the outfit.

That’s when Kendall assured us that when they are in Palm Springs, they stay home most of the time, so she wore super casual clothes and nothing fancy. It seems Kylie didn’t care that her sister already had the dress pushed aside and took it anyway.

So everything continued, Kendall screaming and Kylie taking pictures very carefree. Meanwhile, Kim, Khloé and Kourtney offer her other of their best looks, for this moment everything was going a little calmer but Kelie came to tell her: “You look pretty like this”, something that made her explode and spill the last drop from her glass of patience.

“As if you deserve the outfit more than me. I’m not going to let you ruin this night. I’m having a great time, “Kylie told her and Kendall replied that it was the other way around, she was the one who ruined her night and that is why he will not pay attention to what he says.

In these last days, we have seen some videos of the model walking and demonstrating her great talent cataloged as the most talented, beautiful and natural of all the sisters, who has been causing fervor and left everyone shocked with a video in which she appears walking and practically floating, showing how professional it is to move forward that way.

She showed how professional she is as a model when walking, moving as if she had the weight of a feather, something very important on the catwalks because you must walk with elegance and style and the lighter the model looks when walking, she looks much better.

This simple video was enough to pamper Internet users, who were surprised to see her great talent, something that we have not been able to observe many times and always looking radiant and beautiful, as we remember that she is super flirtatious and pretty.

Since Kendall entered the fashion industry, she has been committed to modeling several major brands, some of which are more famous than others, but whether it’s at major fashion shows or just taking photos with her products.

She is also considered an idol, of course, thanks to her appearance on the symbolic catwalk of the famous brand l3ncer1a Victoria Secret, one of her most beautiful so far, being the most famous and favorite angel of millions in her time and now.


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