Kylian Mbappe in a relationship with … Lily-Rose Depp? We take stock of the rumor!


In the world of show biz, couples are formed and deformed at all costs. This time, the rumor is brewing around Lily-Rose Depp. The latter would have left Timothée Chalamet for … Kylian Mbappe!

Lily-Rose Depp remains very discreet about her private life. However, for several weeks, the rumors about the young woman are going well! Indeed, it would have left the beautiful Timothée Chalamet for a football player … Kylian Mbappé is it the new conquest of the daughter of Vanessa Paradis? This is in any case what the magazine Oops says. ” They are a couple ! This is what headline press in its latest issue …

Yet nothing seems to prove the words of Oops. To date, no photos showing Kylian Mbappé with the actress have been revealed. Moreover, Lily Rose and Thimothée Chalamet stood hand in hand a few weeks ago. Indeed, the two stars have just made a film together. Johnny Depp’s daughter had thus revealed her admiration for her lover.

In a relationship for over a year it seems hard to believe that the beautiful would have drawn a line so quickly on his first love. Besides, the rumor seems even more stupid when we know that the journalists have already tried to fit Kylian Mbappé with two other girls.

In fact Camille Gottlieb or Alicia Aylies had also been suspected of having a relationship with Kylian Mbappé. The football player had said during an interview, “I live, I eat, I sleep football. This sport is more a passion, it takes all the place. It is hard to believe that he is wasting his time with romantic relationships. Today, neither the actress nor the sportsman wished to speak against the rumor.


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