Kyle Shanahan honestly admitted to the possible exchange of Jimmy Garoppolo


Despite the fact that the San Francisco 49ers led to the NFC title game in 2021 and a Super Bowl appearance in 2020, it became clear that Jimmy Garoppolo has no place in the team’s future.

And yet, it’s still in the registry. Earlier this week, Shanahan was asked if teams had called about a potential deal involving the former starting quarterback.

According to Shanahan, he has not heard about the interest in Garoppolo.

“I believe this is happening to his agents, but I haven’t heard anything about it,” Shanahan shared.

The 49ers head coach made it clear that he is only mentioned in the depth chart because he has to comply with league rules.

“He does not participate in meetings. He doesn’t do all that stuff,” Shanahan said. “So he’s just doing what I said he was doing. I think if it’s in the depth table, it’s because you have to be there. I think all 90 guys on our list do. In fact, we have 91.”

It is clear that Garoppolo is not needed by the team—at least not by Shanahan.


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