Kyle Shanahan Announces Waiting for Jimmy Garoppolo at Training Camp


When it comes to Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan is taking a page out of Mike Tomlin’s textbook.

Appearing on “The TK Show,” Shanahan was asked if he expected Jimmy G to touch the team’s practice field this offseason. To which he replied:

I think anything is possible, but right now it would surprise me.

Garoppolo is still recovering from shoulder surgery, clearing the deck for Trey Lance, who will take over the San Francisco offense.

Shanahan also revealed that he hasn’t seen Jimmy since the season ended. I told the podcast that the QB will come to the camp for a physical, but the practice does not seem to be discussed.

Many thought that Garoppolo was already finished. However, the market for Jimmy G was dry due to injury and the fact that other teams knew the Niners were ready to move on.


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