Kyle Richards Says It’s “Hard” to Film RHOBH with His Sisters


Kyle Richards recently revealed what it’s really like to star in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with her sisters Kim Richards and Katie Hilton. Fans first met Kyle and Kim, both of whom were famous child actresses, when they joined the original cast in the first season. While their sister Katie joined RHOBH as a cast friend for season 11 and is in talks to join the cast on a permanent basis. Since the premiere of RHOBH in 2010, the trio has been at the center of some of the most explosive fights and shocking moments in the history of the franchise.

As one of the first contestants on the show, Kyle has seen her share of feuds, fights and quarrels. However, none of the dramatic moments attracted the attention of viewers as much as the ongoing tension between the RHOBH star Kyle and her sisters. Kyle and Kim spent the first seasons of RHOBH publicly confronting both their uneasy relationship and Kim’s struggle with sobriety; while stepsister Katie disagreed with Kyle and her portrayal of their family in her scripted show “American Woman,” inspired by the sisters’ upbringing with their eccentric and domineering mother. The ongoing drama in Kyle’s family, money problems and personal differences fuel their tumultuous relationship history. However, despite their constant ups and downs, it seems that brothers and sisters always find a way to mend their relationship with each other.

Kyle, the only regular actor among the sisters, has been sharing his life on RHOBH for more than a decade. Recently, the Bravo star spoke to Channel Seven’s Morning Show in Australia about how on-screen tension with her sisters really affected their relationship. “When my sister Kim was there, it was great, and then it was terrible. It was one of the worst moments on the show for me,” Kyle shared via the Daily Mail. “With Katie, I thought: “It’ll be great, we’ll have fun.” And we really did that last season. And, of course, something happened this season, but we are sisters. We are blood. So we’ll always be together again at the end of the day.” The RHOBH star went on to explain how she regrets telling so much about her personal life on screen, but since the film crews are watching them around the clock and seven days a week, the cameras will definitely catch what’s going on behind the scenes.

Although Kim and Katie insist that everything is finally calm between them, the recent trailer for the 12th season of RHOBH shows the opposite. In the trailer, Kyle and fellow housewife Lisa Rinna share a moment of vulnerability before Katie joins them. “I feel like you hate me or something,” Kyle adds through tears, “how could you say that?” Shortly after, Lisa accuses Katie of talking behind Kyle’s back, adding: “I’m sorry, Katie. You won’t get away with it.” But despite the drama, the RHOBH star Kyle insists that she and her sisters reconcile after filming and talk again.

And that’s not all the drama surrounding Kyle. She was recently criticized for abusing fellow housewives Sutton Strack and Garcelle Beauvais during season 12 of RHOBH. Fans were shocked to see Kyle participate in a campaign of harassment against Garcel’s son, as well as her shocking and aggressive questions about Sutton Strack. about her two miscarriages. And although Kyle has been a favorite of RHOBH for a long time, some fans are calling on Bravo to remove her before filming season 13. Ultimately, only time will tell how the relationship between Kyle and her colleagues on the set of RHOBH will develop next season. .


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