Kyle Pitts has identified 1 main direction this season


Kyle Pitts was one of the best tight ends in the league last season, and there’s no doubt he’ll be in that boat again in 2022.

However, every player always wants to improve, and Pitts is no exception. For him. he wants to work on the mental side of his game.

He said this to Gabriel Burns of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“Psychologically, I’m trying to get better,” Pitts said. “There is always room for improvement. The mental side, trying to analyze the lighting faster. The mental side helps you play faster, just knowing what the defense is going to do.”

Pitts finished the 2021 season with 1,026 receiving yards and one touchdown out of 68 receptions.

He will have a new quarterback who will throw the ball to him in the upcoming season in the person of Marcus Mariota after Matt Ryan was traded to the Indianapolis Colts.

The sky may be the limit for Pitts if he really recovers psychologically.