KVM has just introduced the main villains of the X-Men


Warning! SPOILERS for Miss Marvel, Episode 2.

The first hint of the appearance of the biggest villains of the X-Men in the MCU was hidden in “Miss Marvel”. Despite their popularity, Marvel mutants have never been mentioned in the MCU, which suggests that gene X has not yet awakened. Fortunately, with the acquisition of Fox by Disney, MCU mutants are expected to appear in the future. But while the MCU is waiting for the long-awaited appearance of the X-Men, some non-mutant characters associated with the X-Men seem to be already taking shape.

The X-Men have some of the most famous villains in all Marvel comics, including enemies such as Magneto, Apocalypse, and Dark Phoenix. However, not every X-Men villain turns out to be a mutant. Guardians are robots created by human anthropologist Bolivar Trask in order to exterminate mutants, fueled by paranoid fear of the mutant X—Men gene, which, according to Trask and his supporters, will lead to the extinction of mankind. The Guardians famously destroy the mutant population in the cult storyline “X-Men: Days of Future Past” and its 2014 film adaptation, where they successfully destroy all mutants in the post-apocalyptic timeline. So far, no mutant character has been canonically introduced into the MCU itself, but Guardians may join the MCU sooner than expected, which will expand the franchise in some unexpected but interesting ways.

Although the alleged threat from mutants in the MCU will not be for a long time, the basis for the Sentinel program already exists. Ms. Marvel says that Damage Control took advantage of the Stark drones confiscated from Peter Parker in the movie “Spider-Man: No Home” and programmed them to hunt superhumans. Kamala Khan has already encountered drones at the end of the second episode of “Miss Marvel”, from where she barely managed to escape. Clearly, the fragile drones have a long way to go before they match the monumental size and strength of the Guardians, but they have already set a precedent for the persecution of superhumans.

It’s only a matter of time before Damage Control or any other organization inspired by them perfects weapons that are aimed only at superpowered people. In the MCU, Iron Man preceded the Damage Control plan with Ultron and the Iron Legion, two systems designed to automate defense against large-scale threats. Despite their disastrous results, Damage Control — or Bolivar Trask MCU — may see potential in developing anthropomorphic robots that serve the same purpose as Stark’s drones, only more powerful.

Ms. Marvel says that the Earth is going through a golden age of superheroes, who are treated like celebrities by ordinary people. However, soon organizations like Damage Control will be able to turn their public image upside down with arguments against their dangerous abilities and strong evidence that they bring disasters wherever they go. Then the growing number of superhumans and the birth of the first MCU mutants may be the last straw, awakening hostility towards those with special abilities. The Stark drones from Damage Control don’t pose a global threat in Miss Marvel, but they can turn into a huge problem for mutants by the time they join the MCU.