KVM finally turned over the most offensive moment of “Thor 2”


Attention! Spoilers for the third episode of “Miss Marvel”.

The MCU is constantly evolving, and the 3rd episode of “Miss Marvel” to some extent corrects an offensive mistake from “Thor: Kingdom of Darkness”. With a central character as deeply rooted in MCU lore as Kamala Khan, Ms. Marvel has always had to address the superhero world that surrounds her. The show did this in a variety of ways over the first three episodes, using anything from subtle nods to a full-scale reenactment of events to explore how previous phases of the MCU affected the people who experienced it. .

In addition to Kamala’s connection to her wider superhero world, these references also served to correct or expand on previous events in the MCU, which can now be considered a mistake. This has been happening throughout the Disney+ series, from Loki explaining the intricacies of the MCU timeline after Avengers: Finale to Moon Knight filling in the gaps in the franchise’s concept of the afterlife. Episode 3 of “Miss Marvel” continues this trend, creating a sense of retribution to the previous MCU character, whose arc seemed unfinished for a long time.

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This change will affect Dr. Eric Selvig, Thor’s earthly companion, who played a big role in the films “Thor”, “The Avengers” and “Thor 2”, as well as a small role in “The Avengers: Age of Ultron”. As a famous scientist, Selvig was one of the smartest characters in the 1st phase of the MCU, and although this continued in the 2nd and 3rd phases, his Tesseract corruption portrayed him unambiguously in a manic state, reducing the legitimacy of his scientific work in the process. . The last time in the Captain Marvel: Prelude comics he was identified as intelligent and prone to nudity, the 3rd episode of Miss Marvel ensures that Selvig’s work is once again positioned as his defining attribute, suggesting that his legacy will not be the version of him affected by the Tesseract shown in Thor: The Dark World.

After Kamran’s mother turns out to be the woman from Kamala’s visions at the end of episode 2 of Miss Marvel, the mysterious figure turns out to be a djinn trapped on Earth who needs Kamala’s help to return to his home dimension. When asked by Bruno if he knows anything about interdimensional travel, Kamala’s best friend replies: “It reminds me of an article I read. I think it’s Dr. Selvig. This article turned out to be vital for Kamala and Bruno’s understanding of the task facing them, outlining in general terms all the dangers that punching a hole between dimensions can cause.

Initially, it seemed to be nothing more than a callback to an early MCU character, trusting Selvig’s work, Ms. Marvel establishes that the scientist has once again become a respected part of the universe. Following orders from the MCU, Selvig’s last major public appearance came in a scene from the Thor 2 news report in which he found himself rushing to Stonehenge after suffering the effects of a Tesseract. This steady image undermined all of Selvig’s work prior to his breakdown, which meant that despite his recovery at the Avengers facility, he was still looked down upon because of his previous public appearances.

Having established not only that Selvig is still publishing works, but also that this work still deserves respect in the scientific community, Ms. Marvel reverses the previously spoiled image of the scientist. The full extent of Selvig’s discoveries in the field of interdimensional travel remains to be seen, but Bruno’s research may prove to be the first of many references to his discoveries — potentially explaining what the characters know about the multiverse, and solving the problem of the identity of the Marvel universe in the process. Moments like this prove that these references to Miss Marvel are not just Easter eggs. Instead, they can serve to expand the universe and explain what happened to the characters who stayed behind the scenes for many years.