Kutya is ready to make a Doctor Who fan’s dream come true

The casting of Nkuti Gatwa for the role of the new Doctor Who can finally fulfill the fans’ dream of casting. The sex education star is to take on the role of the Doctor after a special broadcast dedicated to David Tennant’s 60th birthday in 2023. Gatwa’s casting has been praised both for its commitment to diversity and for breaking through to younger, Netflix viewing. an audience that may not be familiar with Doctor Who. Speaking about his upcoming role, Nkuti Gatwa mentioned his desire to fight the villain, played by Gillian Anderson, one of his colleagues in the film “Sex Education”.
Anderson, still known as Agent Dana Scully in The X—Files, is a name that has been popping up regularly in connection with Doctor Who since it was relaunched in 2005. it will never come true. While it’s unlikely that the X-Files actor will take on another high-profile sci-fi role like the role of the Doctor, the opportunity to work with Nkuti Gatwa again may finally see Anderson appear in Doctor Who. a wish.
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Since Gillian Anderson is unlikely to ever play the role of the Doctor, Nkuti Gatwa’s own desire for her to play the villain opens up some intriguing possibilities. The prospect of an older female Master versus a young Dr. Gatwa would certainly be a fun dynamic to play. Alternatively, Anderson’s role as Margaret Thatcher in season 4 of The Crown would make her an ideal candidate for the role of Helen A from The Happiness Patrol, which itself is a thinly veiled parody of Thatcher. A more likely option is a quickly refuted rumor about the run-up to Matt Smith’s Doctor Who debut, which suggested she was supposed to play the role of Rani. Her role in “Sex Education” could enhance her image of this villainous Gallifreyan geneticist.
Gillian Anderson’s role in sex education makes her perfect for Nkuti Gatwa’s Doctor Who
One of the key elements of a good villain in Doctor Who is their chemistry with the main actor. Kate O’Mara and Colin Baker, for example, who played Rani and the Sixth Doctor respectively, had previously worked together, and their ease with each other made Rani such a memorable villain in one of the two appearances. Gillian Anderson and Nkuti Gatwa also worked together on “Sex Education,” and they would be just as easy with each other as the performers. Rani didn’t have the Master’s obsession with the Doctor. She had never been particularly interested in the games of the Doctor and the Master, and this indifference and apparent superiority was reinforced by the age difference between Anderson and Gatwa, which implied the seniority of the Rani.
The prosaic manner of Jean Milburn, Gillian Anderson’s sex therapist, when it comes to sex, could be perfect for the role of Rani. In her two previous appearances, Rani, to the Doctor’s horror, conducts genetic experiments on unsuspecting species. Anderson could have turned to Jean’s openness about human biology to give it a dark tone, playing up the frightening nature of Rani’s experiments. Rumors that Neil Patrick Harris will play a deep-thinking villain in Doctor Who, who was last seen in the 1960s, seems like the perfect time to bring Rani back. From the little information that has been officially and unofficially released so far, Russell T. Davis’ new era in Doctor Who hopes to balance these mythological deep cuts with a fresh, modern approach aimed at Netflix audiences. The choice of Gillian Anderson for the role of Rani, along with Dr. Nkuti Gatwa, would satisfy this criterion and, finally, would realize the dream of casting.