Kurt Angle refused to be Matt Riddle’s manager


The company wanted Olympic medalist Kurt Angle to be Matt Riddle’s manager upon arrival on the WWE SmackDown main roster. This would have meant Kurt Angle’s return to WWE but the wrestler rejected him.

Matt Riddle was going to have Kurt Angle as manager on WWE SmackDown

Kurt Angle was the person who introduced Matt Riddle on WWE Smackdown last Friday but the former Olympic medalist was able to do more than just the presentation, Angle told CBR.com.

I think Matt Riddle is going to be one of the faces of the company, he has all the skills. His personality is great. At first something strange seems to you. But when you know him more, he is someone very easy to like and that is what he is going to achieve with the fans. And it will prove it in the ring. It is great in the ring. There is no doubt about that, and that gimmick of Bro is going to be ideal, he is going to know how to exploit it. It will do very well. WWE offered me to be their manager but I rejected the offer for various reasons. I think it was not the ideal time.

This past Friday on WWE SmackDown we could see a presentation video of Matt Riddle announced by Kurt Angle, but at no time was it mentioned when the Bro could debut in the blue mark.

Recall that Angle was also the referee for that cage match that pitted Riddle and Timothy Thatcher on last week’s NXT show.

We will have to wait to see what happens with Matt Riddle and when he will debut in the blue mark.


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