Kung Fu: all about The CW action series premiere


Kung Fu, Nicky Shen (Olivia Liang), a Chinese-American woman, decides to leave Harvard University and flee to an isolated monastery in southwest China.

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The series begins with Nicky in the midst of what she thinks is a cultural visit to China. After realizing that it is actually a strategy orchestrated by her mother to find a Chinese husband, she runs away and meets Pei-Ling (Vanessa Kai), who runs a local monastery. Her one-night visit becomes a three-year martial arts training.

One night, her monastery is attacked by a group of assassins in search of a mystical sword. During the fight, Pei-Ling is mortally wounded by an assassin named Zhilan (Yvonne Chapman), who steals the sword and runs away.

Following his mentor’s final instructions, Nicky pursues Zhilan in an attempt to retrieve the sword and take revenge on the assassin. During the fight, she takes the sword, which glows and burns her hand, leaving mysterious marks. Even so, Zhilan runs away and Nicky returns home to San Francisco.

She receives a mixed reaction from her family: her father Jin (Tzi Ma) and her sister Althea (Shannon Dang) are happy to have her back, while her brother Ryan (Jon Prasida) and his mother Mei-Li (Kheng Hua) Tan) are not so excited.

At another time, Nicky visits her ex-boyfriend Evan (Gavin Stenhouse), who is now an assistant to a public prosecutor, to examine the sword and assassin from the drawings left by her.

Later, she goes to her father’s restaurant and finds him beaten. Her parents took out a $ 50,000 loan from Tony Khan, a member of the local triad, who has now been doubled in interest. If they don’t pay in 72 hours, Khan’s people will kill Jin and take over her restaurant.

Nicky goes to campus to visit her brother, who is still upset with her for not being there for him when he came out to her parents. The two make up and she meets Henry (Eddie Liu), who is doing a master’s degree in ancient Chinese history.

She tells Henry about the sword, and he identifies it as a sword with power that can only be used by its rightful owner (and there are seven more of them).

Subsequently, after a confrontation with the members of the triad, Cindy, owner of a local store, is inspired to speak openly after seeing Nicky defend herself. But even with a witness willing to testify and access Khan’s confidential documents, Evan doesn’t think his evidence is strong enough for a conviction.

Althea manages to break into Khan’s bank accounts and discovers a dubious transaction. It looks like he’s smuggling drugs. Ryan flees to the docks to gather evidence that will hopefully save his family.

The next day, the Shens get together for Althea’s wedding. Jin and Mei-Li agree that Nicky should stay, bringing the three a step closer to reconciliation.

At the end of the episode, Henry appears to reveal important new information about the sword: if all eight were collected, an astronomical power would be unlocked and would cause great devastation and destruction.

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