Kultivi offers free online course for Enem 2020


For students looking to prepare for the National High School Exam, the Kultivi distance learning platform offers the free Enem Completo course. In total, there are more than 1,000 video classes, which cover the compulsory subjects of the exam.

In a pandemic scenario, with remote and even suspended classes, the main study resource for most candidates is online content. And although the MEC makes some materials available, they are not enough for those who want to stand out.

“The operating logic is simple, the platform is maintained by selling advertising spaces to partner brands that believe in the project, in addition to raising funds in the private sector,” explains the platform’s partner, Claudio Matos.

Complete and free content

This initiative benefits all students, especially those who cannot pay for preparatory courses, as it provides complete content at no cost. It is worth noting that, in addition to videos, students can also find other support materials, such as articles and study tips.

According to Kultivi, there are 120 classes in biology, 100 in mathematics, 70 in chemistry, 60 in history, 60 in Portuguese, 24 in literature and 20 in writing. Other disciplines such as geography, physics, sociology and philosophy.

In addition to the mandatory content, the platform also offers certified foreign language classes. Although Enem only requires knowledge in English or Spanish, it is possible to learn French, German, basic and advanced Italian.

Prepared teachers

To facilitate the approval of students, Kultivi has teachers with high degrees, such as masters and doctors. And, in order to make classes for Enem 2020 more dynamic, the platform has young educators.

To view the classes, simply enter the website and register. It is worth noting that the platform can be accessed both by computer and by mobile device.


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