KuCoin’s stolen coins in motion


The cryptocurrencies stolen from the crypto currency exchange KuCoin are still on the move. Finally, approximately 6000 ETH was removed from the wallet and sent to different addresses.

The crypto coins stolen from KuCoin, which was hacked in the last week of September, are still being transferred to different wallets.

While some of the cryptocurrencies seized in the attack are recovered, a significant part is still in the hands of the attackers. Yesterday, another 5814 ETH came out in two separate transactions from the wallet where stolen cryptocurrencies were transferred. The value of these ETHs is close to 2 million 250 thousand dollars at current prices. In one transaction, 4000 ETH and in the other 1814 ETH were split into small pieces and transferred to different wallets. It is stated that tools such as TornadoCash are used to prevent tracking transactions.

The attack on KuCoin has been recorded as the third largest hack in cryptocurrency history. The biggest hack so far occurred on Japan-based cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck. After that, Mt. 850 thousand BTC is stolen from the Gox stock exchange. A total of $ 280 million worth of crypto money was stolen from KuCoin. Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum tokens make up the majority of the stolen cryptocurrencies.

While the attackers could not effectively sell their seizures on central exchanges, sales of 19 million 500 thousand dollars were made on decentralized exchanges. 10 million 500 thousand dollars of these were realized only in Uniswap.

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After its heavy attack, KuCoin recently reopened its deposits and withdrawals on major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether. The stock market continues its activities from where it left off.


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