KuCoin Hacker Who Stole Ethereum Takes Action


It was alleged that the KuCoin hacker started transferring Ethereum to Tornado cash, the Ethereum mixer. Larry Cermak, who posted on the subject on Twitter, said that the KuCoin hacker has taken action again.

TheBlock’s famous cryptocurrency analyst, Larry Cermak, made a claim about the KuCoin hacker. Making a statement on Twitter, the analyst stated that KuCoin, which is $ 4.8 million, has taken action again:

Cermak stated that when the data was evaluated further, it was seen that the KuCoin hacker did not use Tornado cash for the first time. According to Cermak, the KuCoin hacker used to transact from private addresses, and now it is the first time it is trading from a public address.

What did the KuCoin hacker do?

Larry Cermak continued his tweets about the hacker as follows:

What did the hacker do:

1. He stole all ERC-20 tokens from KuCoin.

2. Converted disallowed tokens to ETH through Uniswap (and sometimes Kyber).

3. Distributed the ETH to multiple addresses.

4.Tornado turned his money into cash using cash.

After this analysis, Carmek emphasized that the amount of ETH on Tornado cash is still very small. The analyst said that one third of the total ETH in Tornado cash could belong to the KuCoin hacker.

What happened on the KuCoin stock exchange

The cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin was hacked on September 25 and $ 150 million worth of Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other cryptocurrencies were stolen. According to KuCoin, the hacker captured many cryptocurrencies by accessing private keys found in hot wallets. After the incident, KuCoin CEO made a statement and stated that they had obtained important data on the identity of the hacker:

“After a thorough investigation, we found substantial evidence of the 9.26 #KuCoin Security Incident suspects. Authorities and police are ready to act. ”
The CEO said some of the stolen assets were recovered after the incident.


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