Kubota Introduces Its Own Autonomous Electric Tractor


Japanese agricultural machinery manufacturer Kubota introduced the driverless and fully autonomous tractor Kubota X. The tractor is powered by the solar panels on it and operates completely electrically.

According to agricultural machinery manufacturer Kubota, agricultural land is now expanding in Japan, and there are fewer farmers in the country to cultivate the land. The company introduced a fully autonomous driverless tractor to assist farmers, taking into account this problem.

The tractor, introduced as Kubota X, was designed as part of Kubota’s Agrirobo autonomous technology program. The autonomous tractor was introduced at an exhibition in Kyoto. Although the vehicle’s technical details are not fully known, the Kubota X has lithium-ion batteries and solar panels and is powered entirely by electricity.

On the tractor, built-in sensors such as GPS, camera and an artificial intelligence based guidance system were used. The vehicle can operate without a driver both in normal fields and in difficult areas such as rice fields. The artificial intelligence system allows the vehicle to track factors such as the weather and the growth rate of crops. This allows the tractor to decide when to start tasks such as seeding, harvesting or tillage.

Instead of wheels, the Kubota X has four tracks that provide strong traction on various terrain. Since each of these tracks has its own integrated engine, it can be rotated independently at different speeds, so the tractor can make turns at very narrow angles. In addition, the height of the vehicle’s main body can be adjusted. In other words, extra stability can be lowered when needed and it can be increased if it is necessary to progress on longer plants.

It is not yet known when the production of Kubota X will begin. However, with the launch, the vehicle can compete with autonomous tractors developed by companies such as Yanmar and CNH Industrial.


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