KSI Went Viral Again After Dodging Kiss From Astrid


YouTube star KSI has gone viral due to the fact that she barely avoided a kiss from OnlyFans model Astrid Wett during the weigh-in before the boxing match between Jay Swingler and Cherdley, which will take place this weekend.

The advertising company KSI “Misfits Boxing” is holding its second event on October 15, bringing together many influential people to settle their differences in the ring.

The main event of the map will be the battle between the UK and the USA between the American content creator Cherdleys and the British influencer Jay Swingler.

Also on the map are two influential women celebrating the second ever major women’s boxing match.

In this fight, OnlyFans model Astrid Wett will come face-to-face with another influential person Keely, although their fight is definitely more dramatic than the record-breaking match between JustaMinx and YodelingHaley, which took place at Creator Clash in the summer.

KSI barely dodged the sudden kiss of model Astrid Wett during the boxing weigh-in

The two women faced off during the weigh-in on October 14 to chat when Keely started looking for Astrid’s boyfriend in the crowd as part of a joke.

“Do you think if I had a boyfriend, I would do it?” Astrid responded to her opponent before kissing KSI.

Unfortunately for Astrid, KSI used his boxing prowess to dodge her unexpected kiss with ninja-like speed, unable to hold back his laughter at this incredible moment.

When the host asked what he thought about Astrid’s failed kiss, KSI just laughed and said, “These are my thoughts. Laughter.”

Astrid Wett responds after KSI rejects her kiss on stage

Astrid gave her response to KSI’s rejection in a later interview, where she expressed hope that the YouTube star would return her love someday in the future.

“I saw an opportunity. He’s a handsome guy, so why not? she said. “It didn’t pay off, but I hope it will one day.”

It looks like KSI has rejected Astrid quite a bit, and viewers can’t help but point out this point in the VOD comments section, but some are wondering if the influencer didn’t shy away from a kiss to avoid trouble with the help of a possible girlfriend.

KSI has historically kept silent about his romantic relationships, revealing about his personal life only in November 2021, when he announced that he had just broken up with his girlfriend by posting a cryptic “lonely” message on social media.

At the moment, the state of KSI’s personal life is unclear… but he certainly wasn’t interested in Astrid’s sudden display of affection.


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