KSI Warns Dillon Denis After a Fight at The Misfits weigh-in: “I’m not the guy to fuck with”


British youtuber, rapper and boxer KSI attacked Dillon Denis on social media after a short fight at the weigh-in of Misfits Boxing x DAZN Series 003.

The situation took an unexpected turn at the Misfits Boxing x DAZN Series 003 weigh-in on November 18, when UFC star Dillon Denis appeared and started an outright fight.

Approaching KSI at the event, Danis asked the YouTuber to sign a contract for the two to touch gloves in the ring before he threatened to strangle him.

In retaliation, JJ retaliated by claiming he could knock Denis out on the spot, before an all-out fight ensued when Dillon punched him in the jaw.

Since security on both sides was going for it, they were eventually separated from each other.

However, a few moments later, outside the hall, Denis got into another fight with MMA fighter Anthony Taylor, who later reported that he was banned from returning to the event.

KSI warns Dillon Denis

After this event, KSI went to Twitter, where he criticized Danis for a cunning strike.

“You’re a whole s**k @dillondanis,” he said.

In a subsequent tweet, he added, “I’m not the guy to fuck with @dillondanis.”

Since KSI is expected to announce his next boxing opponent soon, fans have speculated that the fight may have been staged to raise hype and advertise a future fight. But we assume we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.


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