KSI Teases Rematch against Floyd Mayweather After “Infuriating” Deji Boxing Match


YouTube star KSI says Deji’s boxing match against Floyd Mayweather was “infuriating” and even caused some controversy between him and the 50-0 champion.

On November 13, popular YouTuber Dedzhi entered the boxing ring with Floyd “Money” Mayweather… and it didn’t end well for the influential person.

After six rounds, the referee canceled the match, awarding Mayweather the victory by technical knockout after what many considered a less than impressive performance by Dedzhi.

While Deji was holding L, he also claimed that Mayweather asked for some last-minute changes to their fight, saying he wanted to fight with 10 oz gloves instead of 14 on the day of the fight, but Deji also noted that he managed to give his opponent a black eye in the process.

Despite this small victory, Deji’s older brother, KSI, was not at all happy with his younger brother’s performance… but he was also not thrilled with Mayweather’s behavior during the fight.

KSI criticizes Deji’s “outrageous” boxing match against Floyd Mayweather

KSI spoke about the viral demonstration match during a YouTube video on November 17, where he called the fight “infuriating” and said that he would like it to be him who gave Mayweather what for.

“He was beaten for six rounds,” KSI said of Deji’s fight. “I think for myself I hated it because I just don’t want to see my brother get beaten up like that. It just made me angry. I wanted to get in the ring and screw up with Floyd.”

“The same situation with Alex Wassabi and Deji. It just infuriated me that Deji was losing to someone I knew he could win. I know many of you will say, “There’s no way Dedji can beat Mayweather,” but yes, I feel like I can beat Mayweather.”

He then criticized Mayweather, calling the undefeated boxing champion “disrespectful” for the way he treated his less experienced opponent.

“Floyd was just having too much fun with him, man,” he continued. “Floyd was just making pads at halftime of the second or third round. He just screwed up, man. It was too much. It was on the verge of disrespect.”

KSI is not the only famous boxer on YouTube who disagrees with the way Floyd performed in the ring over the weekend; even Logan Paul attacked the “Handsome Man”, calling his demonstration match against Dedzhi a “legalized bank robbery.”


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