KSI Strikes Back at Slim, Threatening to Knock Him Out After a Fight With FaZe Temper


YouTube star KSI hit back at Slim Alhaber after he disagreed with the fact that the Briton chose FaZe Temperrr as a replacement for Dillon Denis in his next fight.

After defeating Swarmz and Luis Pineda back in August, KSI noted that he wants to remain active in boxing and return to the ring soon.

He was supposed to fight former UFC fighter Dillon Denis, with whom he has exchanged a lot of verbal blows over the past year or so, but on January 4, the mixed martial artist refused to participate, forcing KSI to choose a replacement.

FaZe Temperrr was quickly announced as Denis’ replacement, and many fans expressed their excitement that this was the “best” fight for KSI. However, fellow YouTuber Slim disagreed, given that he had already defeated Temperrr.

KSI responds to Slim’s statement that he will “dump” him

Slim defeated Temperrr on the undercard of two KSI fights in one night, and also wants to stay active himself. He called the Briton after the announcement of the new fight, saying that he “feels” that he “deserved” this place.

He even went to KSI on Twitter, saying that he would add him to the list of fighters he had already “landed” by knockout.

Naturally, KSI struck back. “You wouldn’t do it at all. The idea of having 2 loser belts sounds good to me, though…,” the British YouTuber said, leaving fans to tease him about his next fight.

Some fans agreed with Slim’s claims, seeing that he has the right to brag about Temperrr, but they also noted that they see where the disputes between him and KSI are going.

Slim himself added that he is “too dangerous” and therefore Temperrr makes sense for KSI.

If KSI continues its win-win streak against a member of FaZe, then a fight with Slim makes sense. That’s what the fans want to see, and there’s already a three-shot on both sides, so let’s see if that happens.


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