KSI Says Fight with Jake Paul Won’t Happen If He Loses to Tommy Fury


YouTube star KSI says his fight with Jake Paul will not be discussed if his opponent loses to British boxer Tommy Fury, after reports that the two are going to face off in February this year.

The rivalry between KSI and Jake Paul is at its zenith, rivaling the Brit’s previous feud with Jake’s older brother, Logan, in years past.

Ever since KSI first defeated Logan in their first boxing match in 2018, Jake has had his eye on fighting him — and now that KSI is officially back in the ring, the possibility of a match between these two social media titans is closer than ever.

However, before that can happen, Jake Paul is probably due to fight British boxer Tommy Fury in February this year, after initial talks between the two fell through when Fury was unable to come to the States due to travel issues last year.

This is another exciting fight for the “Difficult Child”, as this will be Jake’s first fight with a person of his skill level in a fairly equal fight.

However, KSI says that if something goes wrong as Jake wants, their long-awaited battle may not take place.

KSI: the fight with Jake Paul will not take place if he loses to Tommy Fury

The British influencer spoke out about the possibility during a Twitter conversation on January 23, explaining that Jake vs. KSI might not be the “money fight” that everyone was freaking out about if Jake lost such a big challenge.

“I think at that point I probably would have had to fight Tommy Fury instead of Jake,” he replied.

“However, this is a fight for money,” the fan replied.

“Well, if Tommy beats Jake, then I don’t think it’s going to be a fight for money anymore,” KSI replied. “It’s always important for me to be the best.”

“Doesn’t it make sense to beat Jake and then fight Tommy?” they asked.

“Yes, but I said that I have a goal, I will have three fights this year,” he replied. “So I’m doing more than I promised. I’m a busy guy, man. There’s so much I can do.”


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