KSI Fights FaZe Temper After Dillon Denise Withdrew from Boxing Match


YouTube star KSI is now fighting FaZe Temperrr after his former opponent, mixed martial artist Dillon Denis, suddenly refused to participate in the match a week before the fight.

KSI and Dillon Denis were supposed to start 2023 with a bang, and this will be the first boxing match of influencers scheduled for the year.

This will be the youtuber’s third fight since his return, as he was out of the ring after a rematch with Logan Paul in 2019.

Unfortunately, despite months of chatter between the two fighters and the hype that grew a few days before their match, Denis suddenly refused to fight, having a little more than a week before the tournament on January 14.

However, after just a few hours, it seems that KSI has already found a replacement — and this is a big name in the content creation game.

KSI will be boxing with FaZe Temperrr after Dillon Denis dropped out of the match
KSI soon announced that he was now taking FaZe Temperrr as his next opponent.


Temperrr is the co-founder of FaZe Clan, an esports and entertainment organization that is home to many well-known influencers such as Adapt, Banks and others.

Temperrr is also no stranger to boxing; he has participated in many matches himself and currently boasts a 2-1 record.

In particular, Temperrr won an appeal to the boxing commission earlier in 2022 after his fight against King Kenny did not seem to benefit him, despite the fact that he dominated their match.

Later in August, he fought against YouTuber Slim Albacher, whom he lost by knockout in the undercard of the KSI tournament “Two Fights, One Night” against Luis Pineda and Swarmz.

Now, it seems, Temperrr will have a chance to regain his honor — and against the very person on whose card he previously lost, no less.


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