KSI Explains Why He’s Confident He’ll Beat Jake Paul in a Boxing Super Fight


YouTube star KSI believes he has one important reason why he will beat Jake Peer if they ever meet in their long-awaited boxing super fight.

When KSI and Jake Paul helped lead the boxing revolution on YouTube back in 2019, it seemed a matter of time before they settled their disputes in the ring.

However, four years later, the couple could not touch the gloves. There has been a lot of talk about the fight that will take place at Wembley this year, but it can be ruled out, given that the date of the fight is scheduled for December.

Before they get to that point, the couple wants to stay active. Jake’s long-awaited fight with Tommy is apparently “done”, while KSI wants to return to his Misfits cards shortly after defeating FaZe Temperrr.

KSI Gives Himself a big advantage over Jake Paul as Fight Rumors Continue

This victory over Temperrr came thanks to a knockout in the first round, and this is one of the reasons why KSI believes he will beat Jake if they ever fight.

He emphasized this belief in his video aptly titled “That’s Why I’m Going to Beat Jake Paul” on January 17, where he talked about how his technique in the ring has improved to such a high degree.

“Technique, bro, technique. Dangerous. It’s dangerous,” he said. “I still have so much to learn. The big MVP, speaking of Michael “Venom” Page, the only MVP who really matters.

“I know a lot of people will think your technique sucks, blah, blah, well, to hell with this technique. Let me touch your chin and see if you stand up.”

Time stamp 6:30


The Briton has already won several knockout victories, so he certainly has strength, but Jake may have an advantage in endurance, given that he has plunged deeper into fights.

It will end up being an interesting match if they ever come together in a fight, but the fans are still hoping that it will happen.


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