KSI Explains Why He Run Away From Astrid Wett’s Kiss


KSI has explained why he turned down Astrid Wett when she reached out to kiss him in a viral moment that occurred during the weigh-in of Jay Swingler’s boxing match against Cherdley.

KSI won’t be caught slipping away— at least that’s what he says after he dodged an unexpected kiss with OnlyFans model Astrid Wett on October 14.

The viral moment occurred during the weigh-in of Astrid Wett and her rival Keely, who fought in Jay Swingler’s undercard against Cherdley on October 15.

After exchanging jokes, Keely asked Astrid if her boyfriend was in the crowd, to which the model replied, “Do you think if I had a boyfriend, I would do it?”

She reached out to kiss KSI, but the YouTuber leaned back to avoid an unexpected hug, which caused a lot of humorous reactions from online viewers.

KSI reveals why he dodged a viral kiss from Astrid Wett: “It’s super cringe-worthy”
A few days later, KSI returned to the internet to discuss why he didn’t return the gesture after his Reddit page was inundated with relevant clips.

“Astrid Wett tried to kiss me, and I said, “No! Not today!” he laughed. “But yes, I turned down Astrid Wett, which is crazy, because the old KSI would have put up with it. …Now your boy has grown up, your boy has grown up.

“A lot of people have asked me what’s going on in my head in this situation. To be honest, I couldn’t believe it. I thought: “Oh my God, she’s going to kiss me!” What the hell? Nope!”

“First of all, I hate public affection. I think it’s a super high. Secondly, you won’t catch me sliding. Nope. I’m aware of everything I do. …when it comes down to it, I was right and I wasn’t going to let her put her lips to mine.”

KSI further mentioned that Astrid apologized to him after the meeting and said that everything was fine between them, although the model was a little embarrassed because the YouTuber publicly “shared” with her.

However, Astrid still got lucky at the event as she defeated Keely in their boxing match, the second major influencers boxing event to feature a women’s bout after Creator Clash this summer.


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