KSI Caught Fire After Sharing Pathetic Squats and Bench Press


British rapper and boxer KSI was criticized on Twitter after sharing a video about how he trains and left fans unimpressed with his squats and bench press.

On the eve of the fight with Dillon Denis on January 14, KSI is regaining his fitness.

Naturally, this requires hundreds of hours of honing his boxing technique and endurance. It also seems to require some time in the gym with questionable form, judging by the Briton’s tweets from December 30.

In two posts, he shared footage of him squatting with 130 kg and then squeezing 120 kg. Both times his uniform was torn to shreds, which led many to conclude that he had been trolling all this time.

In the first video, KSI’s squats were criticized as half-repetitions, which means that he performed his squats low enough or “deep enough”.

Some also pointed out the lack of clamps fixing the weight on the barbell, which made the whole exercise even more unreliable.


One of the commentators joked: “Bro posted a light quarter squat as a flexion, I can’t believe it.”

Bodybuilder Bradley Martin even intervened, saying, “No, you’re trolling.”

In the second video, KSI can be seen in the bench press. However, instead of moving the weight in a controlled and consistent manner, he rather lowers it on his chest before his corrector helps him.

The publication of such a dubious form in a row reinforced the conclusion that he was trolling.

One of the audience said, “This is a great example of trying to lift something that you can’t lift.”

We certainly hope that KSI boxing will surpass his results in the gym when he enters the ring on January 14.

This is if the fight really takes place — Danis recently questioned this, saying that the KSI camp tried to insert a controversial “rehydration clause” to “prevent” him.

The KSI team claims that this clause was present when the contract was signed by Danis initially.


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