KSI Agrees to Allow Showspeed on 20vs1 Sidemen Video


KSI has agreed to let YouTube star iShowSpeed take part in the 20 Women vs 1 Sidemen video, and the fans are thrilled.

iShowSpeed conquered the Internet last year. Known for his unusual but enthusiastic personality, superfan Cristiano Ronaldo was the most popular streamer on YouTube in 2022 — and wasn’t even close.

After the Sidemen Charity football match last year, Speed really wanted to appear in the 20 Women vs 1 Sidemen series. Now it looks like we’re finally going to see how this happens.

iShowSpeed will Join Sidemen 20vs1

During the live broadcast of his birthday on January 22, the 18-year-old asked KSI if they could finally make a video. “Let’s do 20 on 1, I’m ready for 20 on 1,” he said over FaceTime to the PRIME co—founder.

“Do you really want to do this?” KSI responded with a chuckle. “I really want to do it, whether I can do it or not,” Speed replied.

“I mean, sure, but I’m scared for women, bro. Bro, you’re a wild guy,” KSI said.

“Yeah, I could just sniff them and bark at them,” the 18—year-old joked. “Come on, bro, 20 to 1, everyone is waiting for this, bro, come on.”

The YouTube boxer then agreed that they would do it the next time Aids was in London. “Everybody’s waiting for it, so yeah, we’ll do it, man. Next time you’re in London, bro, we’ll crack it.”

We’ve previously seen others like Logan Paul, Jidion and Kai Senat star in a 20 on 1 video—a byproduct of speed dating, where Sidemen speak into their ears and give outrageous instructions on what to do during a date.

Since Aids has confirmed that he will be in London sometime in February, fans will soon see the up-and-coming YouTuber on the Sidemen channel.


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