Kristina Hall says Ant Ansted is trying to “blacken” her “good name” in custody battle, Denies Unfounded claims


It comes out swinging. Kristina Hall (nee Haack) fired back at ex-husband Ant Ansted after he claimed she was unfit to be a mother during a custody battle over their 2-year-old son Hudson.

Hall, who split from 43-year—old Anstead in September 2020 after almost two years of marriage, added: “I won’t speculate about his true motives, but Hudson’s interests are not what motivates him to go to court.”

The star of “Christina on the Coast” filed a response on Thursday, April 28, in Orange County Court after Anstead filed a petition for full custody of their baby on the same day.

The Wheeler Dealers host claimed that his ex-wife, who also shares daughter Taylor, 11, and son Brayden, 6, with her first husband Tarek El Moussa, was absent from Hudson’s life.

Anstead claimed that Hall had spent an average of “nine full days a month” with the toddler over the past 20 months. He also urged the judge to force the Flip or Flop graduate to stop criticizing him on social media, especially when Hudson appears in his paid posts.

We have confirmed that the Orange County Superior Court rejected Anstead’s petition for sole custody on the same day he filed the application, claiming there was “insufficient evidence” against Hall. The court hearing was scheduled for June 28.

“Mister. Ansted is just trying to discredit my good name and tarnish my image,” the designer said in a statement.

Christina, who, as confirmed by the Us earlier this month, married Joshua Hall seven months after the engagement, said Ansted’s account of how many days she had seen Hudson over the past year is “not accurate.” In court documents, she claimed that he does not take into account “any day when we exchange our son as a day of incarceration for me.”

She added: “He also counts the days when I conceded to him or gave him the right of preferential purchase as his day. That is why there is a huge discrepancy in his mind with our exact schedule. His attempt to mislead the court is transparent when the true facts are presented.”

Kristina outlined the court schedule, saying that in December 2021 she agreed to spend only 14 days with Hudson “instead of equal time” because Anstead’s older children, Amelie, 18, and Archie, 15, whom he shares with ex-wife Louise. Floor, were in the city.

She claimed she had “a total of 11 days due to me being a supportive co-parent” in March after Anstead went to Maui with Hudson without prior notice.

Scroll down to see the breakdown of Kristina’s lawsuit from April 28:

Drug use

Ansted claimed in his custody petition that Kristina’s silence on social media in July 2021 that she had previously “smoked Bufo toad,” which is a hallucinogen, while on her path of self-discovery was proof that she was unfit to monitor their son.

“He claims illegal drug use on July 8, 2021, but omits the fact that he left for the UK shortly afterwards, leaving Hudson in my care for 10 days,” the Anaheim, California native said in a statement. “This is the same trip he now claims I left Hudson with third parties instead of raising him myself.”

Harassment claims

“On April 27, 2022, Mr. Anstead began harassing my loved ones with text messages,” Christina said. “He contacted my nanny, my publicist and my father.” She further explained that she “collects text messages from people to show his behavior.”

The Nanny Factor

The HGTV star denied that Hudson sleeps “in a crib with a babysitter” when staying with her and her other children. Instead, she insisted that starting in February, the baby “shared a room with Brayden, and they had bunk beds with Hudson downstairs.” a room with his brother.”

Additional help from both sides

The “Kristina: Stronger by Design” star revealed that both she and Ansted “hire a babysitter” in their families, before noting that her husband and Ansted’s girlfriend, Renee Zellweger, also joined them in parenting duties.

“I’ve remarried, and my husband Josh is also willing to help with Hudson’s care. Ant has a significant other who helped him take care of Hudson,” she said in the documents. “Even though there are other people in my house who can take care of Hudson while working, I have always tried to offer Ant the opportunity to take care of Hudson if I was unavailable due to work in order to maintain his relationship with our son.”

Travel problems

The co-founder of Unbroken Productions pointed to the fact that the British TV presenter was constantly traveling as the reason why some of the dates and times of her detention were changed. She pointed to an incident in July 2021 when Anstead was “stuck” in the UK while she was watching Hudson.