Kristina Hall from Flip Or Flop quietly changed her name on Instagram after she married Joshua Hall a few months ago


If there is something permanent in people’s lives, it is change. Whether we like it or not, the conditions of various aspects of life change from time to time, and there is always a certain amount of riding the wave that needs to be done to stay afloat. This can be especially true when you have a very busy life filled with a number of personal and career responsibilities, such as former Filp or Flop co-host Kristina Hall. In fact, Hall may have been so busy that she has only now begun to imperceptibly change her Instagram name after marrying Joshua Hall a few months ago.

Kristina Hall recently changed her Instagram name after remarrying earlier this year.

As fans of Kristina on the Coast star Kristina Hall know, over the past few years she has experienced quite a few ups and downs. While her career as an HGTV host continued to grow rapidly, Hall divorced her Flip or Flop co-star Tarek El Moussa in early 2017, and then was married for less than two years to Celebrity IOU: Joyride co-host Ant Anstead (split in September 2020) and married for the third time to a realtor Joshua Hall by early April 2022. However, until recently, Hall still used her maiden name Haak (which she switched to after breaking up with Ansted) on her Instagram account.

Within months of her marriage, Hall was listed as Kristina Hall on her Instagram, but still used the name Haak in her nickname. Now she has officially taken this last step and updated her name to match her new official name. And unsurprisingly, Hall didn’t attach much importance to this transition, as she and her third husband got married without saying or showing any preparations for their big day. In fact, it wasn’t until people noticed that Hall had changed her name in the real estate license that fans realized she had married after getting engaged to Joshua in September 2021.

While it’s relatively easy to change your name/nickname, it’s possible that Hall was considering making more significant changes to her nickname as a whole, and so she waited. Or it’s also possible that she changed something, got distracted and just now returned to fix the pen. As noted earlier, she is a very busy lady.

Although Hall ended her 10 seasons on Flip or Flop in March after relations with her and El Moussa escalated on the set, just a few weeks later it turned out that she was already preparing a new HGTV series “Kristina in the Village.” This show is supposed to tell about her adventures designing houses with her family and new husband around their second home in Tennessee. Hall is also still filming episodes of Christine on the Coast.

On top of all this, of course, Hall had to face changes in the co-parenting of two children with her first ex-husband, since he married for the second time last year and is now going to have a child with the “Sunset Sale” star Heather Ray El. Mousse. In addition, she is currently engaged in a custody battle with Anstead, who wants full custody of his two—year-old son Hudson London after claiming that Hall is an unsafe mother.

Hopefully, the change on Kristina Hall’s Instagram means that things have calmed down a bit for her, and that Hall and her family can just relax and enjoy their new home in the last days of 2022.


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