Kristina Hall Comments on How Hudson “Can’t Be Here” During Custody Battle with Ant Anstead


HGTV star Kristina Hall has a tumultuous professional life. Not only will the unexpected final episode of her previous popular show “Flip or Flop” be released in early December, the home renovation expert is also working on two additional series, and her newest series “Kristina in the Village” will be released at some point in the near future. Unfortunately, she’s had a tougher year when it comes to co-parenting with one of her exes, as she’s been embroiled in a custody battle with Ant Anstead for months. Recently, the star commented that their son “can’t be here” in a post on a social network because of the public struggle for his well-being.

What did Kristina Hall say about Hudson London during the custody battle with Ant Anstead?

At the end of April, the co-host of Celebrity IOU: Joyride applied for full custody of his child and accused his ex-wife of absent parenting, and also stated that when their young son Hudson London was with her, she did not take care of him properly and used him in advertising images without the consent of the father. That offer was rejected, but now they’ve spent months publicly beating each other up and discussing their parenting styles, trying to figure out what’s best for Hudson.

This back and forth led to Hall feeling compelled to no longer show any images of her son on social media, and a recent Instagram post had comments about his absence from a photo of her children.:

Christina Hall Takes 3 Kids on Trip, Says Son Hudson Is There But 'Can't  Be' Seen in Photos

As you can see, the picture shows the smiling, happy faces of Hall’s two older children with ex-husband Tarek El Moussa, Taylor and Brayden, as they put another child in the book in the place where the mother of three banknotes is a favorite place for ice cream in the family. which is probably not far from their farm in Tennessee. But she also seemed to know that her followers would most likely comment on the fact that Hudson wasn’t in the photo, so she added a note saying that “Hudson is here too, but can’t be ‘here'” for those who may have wondered if was present. Lee is a boy, but just couldn’t be represented in the photo.

In early October, Ansted filed additional court documents alleging that Hall’s use of their son in paid positions and on her TV show led to him having additional “fears” for the boy. Chief among them was the idea that she had “already exploited” him by using his image in paid posts. This application prompted the host of Christina on the coast to openly talk to fans about what she believed were his “manipulation tactics” and the spread of “false information,” which eventually forced her to stop showing Hudson in any publicly available photos, even family ones. frames similar to what you see above.

Followers of each side have their own opinions about their struggle over how and when each of them should be allowed to show photos of their child (with Anstead due to respond to his critics in mid-October), but most importantly, Hudson can continue to enjoy time with his entire extended family, so good. that he can still do it, regardless of whether we witness it or not.


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