Kristin Cavallari jokes about James’ “obscene” unusual advertising campaign on the topic of a wedding with Tyler Cameron


In fun! After Kristin Cavallari released a hot video of Uncommon James’ wedding-themed campaign starring Tyler Cameron, she weighs in on how she really feels about their sexual kissing scenes.

Kristin Cavallari plays along with Tyler Cameron’s assumptions: What we know

“When you release an obscene campaign video,” the 35—year-old Hills graduate signed the video on Instagram on Friday, July 8, on her Uncommon James brand page. In the clip, Cavallari sat at a table with her legs up and lip-synced one of Meryl Streep’s classic lines from The Devil Wears Prada.

“And when we get back to New York, we need to contact, uh, Leslie to see what she can do to minimize the press,” Streep, 73, originally told Anne Hathaway, who played her assistant in the 2006 romantic comedy. which the reality TV star reproduced in her video on social networks.

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The fashion brand, which Cavallari launched in 2017, teased in its Instagram caption that their phones had “exploded” since the hot video was released.

On Thursday, July 7, the author of Balancing on Heels released a short film of the Indomitable campaign, in which she and a 29-year-old graduate of the bachelorette party staged an affair and, eventually, a wedding ceremony. After the two pretended to tie the knot, they couldn’t resist a little PDA.

“The second time is a charm…😘,” Uncommon James’ Instagram account wrote at the time, along with excerpts from the ad, apparently referring to Cavallari’s previous wedding to Jay Cutler, with whom she broke up in April 2020.

Cavallari and Cameron’s video, filmed on Thursday, marks the second collaboration between Cavallari and Cameron on behalf of her fashion brand. Earlier this year, the Florida native was a love interest in her western-themed commercial where they were spotted kissing. Despite the hot and heavy romance on the screen, the couple constantly claimed that their relationship was strictly professional.

“Tyler is the sweetest person on the planet, such a wonderful guy, he impressed me so much [when I hired him for filming],” the mother of three — she shares sons Camden, 9, and Jackson, 8, and daughter Saylor, 6, with a former football player, 39, — told Entertainment Tonight in April. “Nothing is happening. Great guy, [but] we’re not dating, I promise. If I had, I wouldn’t have answered the question, I formulated it like this. …Nothing happens. He was a hired actor, okay?

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The graduate of “Real Dirty Dancing” echoed Cavallari’s feelings, telling E! News later that month: “We had so much fun. The video we made together will be crazy, exciting and fun to watch. Kristin is just a joy and a pleasure to be around. I love hanging out with her and getting to know her, so it was fantastic.”

While a graduate Laguna Beach and Cameron only sparked an on-screen romance, she was briefly involved with Jeff Dye and Chase Rice during her divorce from Cutler.

“I’m having fun,” she told Us Weekly exclusively last month about her personal life. “When someone serious enough to talk about comes along, I’ll probably-hopefully—be the first to post a photo or something, but you know, I’m having fun.”

At the time, she continued, “My life seems very full [right now]. I do not know what will happen in the future, but I am not going to have more children. It’s one thing if I met someone who didn’t have kids or something, but I’m very happy with my three.”