Kristin Cavallari hinted that she kissed Stephen Colletti after Jay broke up


Kristin Cavallari and Stephen Colletti may have returned to the beginning of their relationship in Laguna Beach, as the star hinted that she and her former high school student may have kissed after her divorce from Jay Cutler. Although Kristin got into a love triangle with Steven and co-star Lauren Conrad back in 2004, she may have had the last laugh. A few months after Kristin announced that she and Jay were getting divorced, the star appeared on Instagram, hugging her former colleague. Nostalgic fans immediately wondered if they were together again, and many hoped so, as they enjoyed watching the two of them on Laguna Beach.

However, they never reconciled, and Kristin only teased fans with a cute photo. The two got back together virtually when the cast of the first season of “Laguna Beach” reunited to encourage fans to register to vote in the presidential election. Then, in May, the reality TV stars announced they would be hosting a rerun podcast and remembering their time on the show 18 years later. Fans have been looking forward to the podcast premiere, and now that it has taken place, Kristin has revealed more than fans expected, only in the first episode.

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Laguna Beach fans assumed that Kristin and Steven kissed for the last time in high school, but the Very Cavallari star told a different story. Kristin revealed on her new podcast with Steven, “Back to the Beach with Kristin and Steven,” that the night she shared a photo of her and her ex on Instagram, they may have also kissed. Kristin explained that she and her children visited her hometown when she decided to meet her boyfriend from high school. The two of them went out to dinner and had a great time. According to the One Tree Hill actor, they danced on tables together. However, Kristin’s confession was much more shocking.

“We could have kissed, or we could not have kissed,” Kristin admitted. Stephen quickly replied, “And we?” apparently remembers little about this act. Kristin then went on to explain how the photo appeared on Instagram, admitting that she knew fans would go crazy for the reunion, but didn’t know how crazy they were. She also gave Stephen the opportunity to tell listeners more about their 2020 night together, but the reality star chose to digress from the topic and instead talked about all the attention he received from Kristin’s post.

It seems that the chemistry between Kristin and Steven did not fade after they both graduated from high school. Sometimes school sweethearts get together again, and the stars of Laguna Beach are proof of that. Of course, they don’t currently have a romantic relationship, but as they continue to record their podcast, who knows what feelings might arise from their memories? However, if the two maintain their platonic relationship, Laguna Beach fans can still look back on their relationship with the stars every week on the podcast.