Kristen Stewart on her first encounter with the paparazzi and attempts to negate the “noise” in the midst of twilight fame


Kristen Stewart has remained very busy since her role as Bella Swan in the wildly popular Twilight franchise, but from time to time she returns to that period. Recently, the actress spoke about her then-thriving acting career thanks to “Twilight” and her first run-in with the paparazzi, as well as her efforts to eliminate “noise” during that period of her life.

Stewart was the last guest on Kevin Hart’s series Hart To Hart (opens in a new tab) on Peacock, where he chatted casually with the celebrity for almost an hour, discussing everything from life, growing up to their careers and how they started and what projects they are working on. When Oscar-nominated star Spencer talked about her life when she started acting, the conversation turned to the paparazzi and how the photos really made her realize that her life would change.:

The first time I was photographed by paparazzi, I was sitting and smoking with my ex-boyfriend and dog on the porch of my parents’ house. And my ex-boyfriend’s family, who lives on Staten Island, is like, “What is this?!” And I’m like, “Oh no, I think this movie is going to be huge.”

Although it’s hard to say whether the film will be successful or not, Twilight had an exception when not only it had the perfect cast, but the books were already mega-popular. The role of Bella Swan made Kristen Stewart a superstar, but, of course, it wasn’t always so good with photography.

Kristen Stewart went on to tell Kevin Hart about the advantages and disadvantages of having his career defined by a single project, but it looks like she’s very grateful for making the movie she did. Today, “Twilight” is still loved by fans, new and old, although at the height of that period, Stewart tried to negate the “noise” around the film and the paparazzi:

It’s so nice to have such a long experience of focusing on one thing. Because you can really indulge in it and become obsessed with it, which is what I love to do. And I guess this whole noise-canceling thing and not paying attention to people taking pictures of you smoking weed on the porch with your dog and your ex-boyfriend is kind of a thing. But besides that, we managed to make a pretty cool movie.

Despite the fact that Kristen Stewart has been photographed for more than a decade, she recently talked about what it’s like to attend events and be photographed. Stewart described how she copes with fame, noting that she has two views on how to act in such situations. Previously, she made headlines about how she behaves awkwardly in public, although Stewart told how fame used to scare her, so it’s not so surprising.

Earlier this year, the final film of the Twilight franchise, Dawn — Part 2, turned 10 years old, which is definitely hard to believe. Taylor Lautner recalled what those first screenings of the last Twilight movie were like and how crazy they were. Kristen Stewart thought the first movie was going to be big, and it was the right decision, but I don’t think anything could have prepared her for what brought her fame.

With all the projects Kristen Stewart has done, she has had a lot of experience dealing with paparazzi, whether good or bad. Being an actor is not easy nowadays, when everything is posted online, paparazzi are everywhere, although sometimes it proves that movie stars are the same as us.

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