Kristen Stewart Could Have Been Married To Robert Pattinson


Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson formed one of the public’s favorite relationships after having starred in the famous ‘Twilight’ saga. However, the actors’ lives took very different directions, but … What would have happened if their courtship had not ended? Would they have married? Kristen made a very shocking statement about it …

In a recent interview at Howard Stern Show, Kristen Stewart revived her relationship with Robert Pattinson, a fact that both had refused to talk for a long time. The actress confessed that he was her first love and, despite the fact that they were together for many years, she felt somewhat strange when talking about her romance and her breakup since she did not want people to see her as someone looking to get attention. However, his love for the actor was always pure.

Later, Howard Stern questioned her about the possibility that she and Robert Pattinson had arrived at the altar, to which Kristen replied that she was not very sure since she is not the type of traditional girls who are looking for marriage yes or yes. However, she would have liked the idea of ​​marrying the actor since he was the first man in her life and, if Pattinson had proposed it, perhaps things would be very different now.

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