Kristen Stewart is shooting the next A 24 movie, and It’s assembling a talented cast


It’s safe to say that Kristen Stewart is quickly becoming one of the most popular Hollywood actresses, even though she was afraid of fame at the beginning of her career. After her recent stellar and bizarre performances in “Spencer” and “Crimes of the Future,” the Twilight franchise actress landed a role in the movie A24, and she was joined by a rather impressive cast list full of talent.

A24 doesn’t miss out on their great films, and the company tends to produce impressive films, so it’s no wonder why their announced movie Love Lies Bleeding is filled with several big names. While Kristen Stewart and Anna Baryshnikova from Dickinson have previously been linked to the film, a new press release has announced a rather epic cast list for the upcoming A24 film.

Along with Kristen Stewart and Anna Baryshnikova in the A24 bodybuilding drama, they will be joined by the absolute actor Ed Harris, Jena Malone and Dave Franco. The star-studded cast also includes a relatively new actress, as Katie O’Brian has also joined the cast of Love Lies Bleeding.

Katie O’Brian is an actress, as well as a martial artist, which is probably useful for a bodybuilding movie. You’ll recognize her from a number of later projects, such as Netflix’s “Nation Z,” “Black Lightning,” and several episodes of “Mandalorian.”

As for perhaps the most iconic member of the announced line—up, Ed Harris is a recognizable figure for several generations. Most recently, fans recognized him from the movie “The Best Maverick Shooter” and the mysterious Man in Black in the Showtime series “Wild West World”, but his main roles in films date back to the 80s. He was nominated for 4 Academy Awards, one of which was for his directorial debut “Pollock”, in which he also starred and earned him a nomination for Best Actor.

You will recognize Jena Malone from the Hunger Games and Neon Demon franchises. She was also a child actor, and you can get to know her at a younger age in films like “Contact” and “Donnie Darko.” In her youth, she continued to have a successful career in films such as Pride and Prejudice and Forbidden Reception, as well as in a number of horror films. These days, she’s a pretty serious actress, and she has a number of high-budget projects in the works, such as Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas and Rebel Moon.

Dave Franco is, of course, James Franco’s younger brother, but over the years he has done quite a lot of work, making a name for himself individually. Having played in the films “Nerve”, “Neighbors” and a rather wonderful small role in Michael Bay’s “6 Underground”, Franco proved that he has acting abilities for a diverse career in Hollywood.

With so many wonderful actors who have already assembled their cast, Love Lies Bleeding is off to a great start with A24. Production of the film begins this week under the direction of “Saint Maud” director Rose Glass, and although it’s not one of the upcoming films of 2022, I have my fingers crossed that we will see a film with a professional cast in 2023.