Kristen Stewart in Mask at Happiest Season Premiere!


Kristen Stewart just attended the premiere of a feature film: Happiest Season. For the occasion, the star is masked!

It’s the most popular fashion accessory these days, and despite us. Indeed, at each event, the mask accompanies us. Including a movie premiere, as Kristen Stewart just showed, in a mask.

We could not have imagined that one day we would witness a masked preview. Yet Kristen Stewart and her sisters did.

It must be said that we don’t really have a choice right now, with the pandemic overwhelming us. Never mind.

A lesser evil for a good, in short. There is therefore no question of attending a premiere without this must have.

So Kris pulled out her mask to attend the Happy Season screening. A film whose French title will be: My in-laws, Christmas and me.

Kristen Stewart will therefore be one of the key roles in this film, which promotes LGBT love. You know the Twilight actress is!


Indeed, the latter is dating Dylan Myer, with whom she lives a beautiful romance. Concerned about the representativeness of LGBT couples, it was therefore obvious that she accepts such a role.

Kristen Stewart therefore appeared in a mask at the premiere of this film, which tells of a young woman’s marriage proposal on Christmas Eve.

To make matters worse, her on-screen partner didn’t tell her parents anything about her sexual orientation … enough to panic her very conservative parents.

Regardless, even in a mask, Kristen Stewart managed to impose herself and cause a sensation. The young woman wore ripped jeans at the knees, as well as a beautiful khaki bomber jacket.

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The whole thing, sublimated by a crimped hairstyle; a grunge and rather classy look. On the red carpet, she opted for a black sweater dress and a simple pair of pumps.


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