Kristen Stewart and Viggo Mortensen to Star in Science Fiction Film

Kristen Stewart: Filmmaker David Cronenberg will work with Kristen Stewart and Viggo Mortensen on a new sci-fi film. These are Crimes of the Future, which will also have the participation of Léa Seydoux, Welket Bungué, Scott Speedman, Don McKellar and Lihi Kornowski in the cast.

Practical work is expected to begin during the summer of the northern hemisphere in Athens, Greece. The feature will mark the filmmaker’s career, precisely because it is the first original science fiction script he has produced since eXistenZ, released in 1999.

“To work with David Cronenberg is to embark on a journey in which we will explore lands that no one has ever been to,” commented producer Robert Lantos, in an official press release. “Our partnership has been an exciting adventure and David’s unwavering vision is the real goal of cinema,” he said.

Crimes of the Future: learn more about David Cronenberg’s new film

It is worth mentioning that, in the 1980s, the filmmaker had already released a film with the same title, taking place in the late 1980s. This time, Crimes of the Future will dive deeply into a not-so-distant future, in which humanity is still is learning to adapt to synthetic environments.

In the plot, Saul Tenser is a very famous performance artist who acquires the Accelerated Evolution Syndrome, gaining unexpected new organs in his body. However, he uses this biological phenomenon in a show that people will be able to follow in real time.

This artist will most likely be Viggo Mortensen, who has worked on other works by Cronenberg, such as 2005’s A History of Violence and 2007’s Eastern Promises. .

Let’s wait for more news!



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