Kristen Douthat shared mysterious lyrics about wanting to be “free” after Alex Menash broke up


Time to move on. Kristen Douthat is celebrating her new single life after breaking up with Alex Menash by posting a song about being “free” on her social media.

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Vanderpump Rules graduate shared the song “Doin’ Me” by musician Mikey Mike in her Instagram stories on Wednesday, June 22, and also posted a text that she apparently identified during the breakup process. “Because I won’t waste another day/Living someone else’s way,” she wrote at the bottom of the post. “I want to be happy/I want to be free.”

The social media spread came after CEO James May revealed more behind-the-scenes moments of her breakup, including moving out of the “beautiful house” she and Menake have lived in since moving in together last December.

“Goodbye, sweet home,” she wrote under the photo, in which she is standing in front of the mirror, collecting things. “We had so many amazing memories… no matter how hard it is, my current mood is gratitude.”

The former SUR-ver called it a “really sad day,” also thanking her friend Zach ​​​​Wickham for helping her pack up and move them. “Silver lining: I got my cute chairs from the warehouse,” she captioned another story.

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Dut and Menash started dating in April 2020 and the following month became official on Instagram, posting a cute photo of them walking their dogs. The couple, who initially communicated as friends, became more serious during the quarantine, but Douthat noted Life & Style in August of the same year that she did not try to “hurry up” with the wedding.

“I think Alex and I are just doing it the way we need to,” the Michigan native told the publication. “Of course, we had such a conversation. I think we’re both in the right place at the right time of our lives, and if it happens, it will happen.”

The couple moved in together in December 2021, when Douthat sold her home in Valley Village for $1.3 million. It seemed that things were going well for the duo, as they continued to post cute photos together on each other’s respective Instagram pages.

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However, things went awry last week as fans noted that the author of “He Drives You Crazy” and her real estate beau are no longer subscribed to each other on social media. Users also speculated about the breakup when Daut apparently hinted at the end of her relationship with an Instagram caption introducing the “new me.”

The T-shirt designer eventually confirmed the breakup by responding to fan comments, explaining that her relationship with Menake just “didn’t work out.” Other screenshots shared by the Bravo fan account also showed how Douthat added: “Alex is a wonderful person whom I love and respect very much.”