Krischel Staus Appeals to Fans Who are “Worried” About Her Romance with G Flip, Shares Status with Jason Oppenheim


From her words! Krischel Stause has opened up about her new romance with Ji Flip — and how she really is with ex—boyfriend Jason Oppenheim – after an unexpected reunion in the fifth season of Selling Sunset.

“There was some context that was missing,” the 40—year-old TV host said of the Netflix special in an Instagram video on Tuesday, May 10. “At this point, I think some of you are confused or worried.”

The real estate agent, who revealed during the May reunion that she has a new relationship with 27-year-old non-binary musician G Flip, discussed her sexuality and romantic relationship with the artist, as well as her previous relationship with 45-year-old Oppenheim.

“As I said in the series, you don’t have a choice when you enter someone’s life,” the Kentucky native explained, referring to G Flip and the co-founder of the Oppenheim Group. “As much as I wish that what I wanted in my last relationship coincided [with Jason] with the same things, it didn’t happen. And that’s fine.”

The author of Under Construction, who pointed to her desire to become a mom as one of the serious reasons why she and Oppenheim broke up, noted that there is a difference between what she and G Flip want from their relationship. “In this current situation with G… yes, I wish we were at the same stage of our lives and wanted the same things, but that doesn’t diminish our deep connection,” she admitted.

Staus told her followers that while some “won’t understand or disagree” with her views on relationships and gender, she is confident in her current romance.

“For me, it’s about a person. It’s about their heart. I’m attracted to male energy, and I don’t care what my physical shape is,” said the former soap opera star. “With G they are identified as non-binary. They really feel like they’re a mix. They identify a man and a woman on both sides. I personally find [it] such a wonderful combination, and that’s probably why we connected so quickly on such a deep level.”

The graduate of Days of Our Lives, who broke up with her boss in December 2021 after a whirlwind romance that began earlier that summer, noted that she and Oppenheim are doing well. (The California native, for his part, revealed during the TV show that he’s still trying to move forward after the breakup.)

“[My new relationship] doesn’t diminish how much we love each other, Jason and me, and how much we want each other to be genuinely happy,” Stauss continued. “I feel like Jason and I genuinely want the best for each other.”

She added that although Oppenheim didn’t have a new person to talk to about the relationship during the reunion, Stause said he was doing well. “We know the behind-the-scenes stuff. I know he’s living his best life and I want that for him,” she said.

While the “Dancing with the Stars” graduate admitted that her views on gender and relationships can be “confusing” to some, she asked her fans to view it as an “act of love” to try to figure out where she’s from.

“I’m the same person you’ve been following all this time,” Stause continued. “I hope if all this confuses you, stay and keep an open mind. If not, then I understand that too. But I’m happy and I hope you all are too. I send a lot of love.”

She concluded: “I’m enjoying life now. I’m really happy. You guys don’t have to worry about me.”

Staus received many positive reviews about her post, including Oppenheim. “Such a beautiful video. – He replied.

The former “All My Children” actress, who was previously married to Justin Hartley before dating Oppenheim, also signed the heartfelt video with a statement renouncing gender identity.

“For those who are open to learning (you are awesome), sex is anatomy and gender is how someone identifies themselves. These two things are often confused,” she wrote. “There are many more qualified people who can talk about it, but maybe I can become a bridge for those of you who are open to understanding ♥️ .”