Kris Wu: Prosecution Approves Arrest Of Chinese Idol On Rape Charge


A statement from the Beijing Prosecutor’s Office reported Wu Yi Fan’s imprisonment on suspicion of committing sexual abuse of minors.

After July 31, the Chinese police ruled prison for Kris Wu, August 16 People’s Procuratorate of Beijing Chaoyang approved the official arrest of the exidol under suspicion of rape of minors of age, according to the Journal of the People of said Asian country.

Through Weibo, the Chinese entity published the announcement of the capture of Wu Yi Fan.

This is the Spanish translation of the statement.

“(The Beijing Chaoyang District People’s Prosecutor’s Office approved the arrest of criminal suspect Wu Yi Fan according to law)

On August 16, 2021, the Beijing Chaoyang District People’s Prosecutor’s Office, after reviewing the case in accordance with the law, approved the arrest of the alleged sexual abuser Wu Yi Fan. ”

At the foot of the publication, you can read dozens of comments from Chinese Internet users in favor of the arrest warrant against Kris Wu.

What happened to Kris Wu?

In June 2021, Du Meizhen denounced through social networks that she was one of the more than 30 victims of rape by Kris Wu.

That first public accusation did not take on as much relevance, and it was until July that the Chinese and international media began to delve into the subject and captures of chats between Wu Yi Fan and his alleged victims came to light.

Faced with this situation, the Chinese government, under the Youth Work Committee of the Dramatic Production Industry Association, announced the departure from the entertainment world of Kris Wu.

By no longer being able to work as an artist in his country of residence, Wu Yi Fan lost millionaire contracts and will have to face lawsuits by companies that produce dramas, which ask for compensation when his work was affected by the complaints that came to light.