Which of Kris Jenner’s daughters will be the next to have a baby?


Kris Jenner participated in the famous show “The Ellen Degeneres Show”! So she had the opportunity to confide in her daughters!

If there is one thing that Kris Jenner likes, it’s her daughters! So, she likes to talk about it and cover it with praise! Very accomplices, the girls confide a lot in their mother.

So, in the last episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kris Jenner talked about her children . Indeed, interviewed, the mother of the Kardashian sisters – Jenner confided. The reporter had prepared a game for Kris. The latter had to finish sentences concerning her life and her children.

The 64-year-old woman therefore answered very specific questions. When Ellen asked who her favorite daughter was, Ellen replied that Klhoé was her favorite daughter of the day. She also said that Kylie never answered the phone. The following sentence gave rise to many rumors.

Indeed, Kris had to finish the sentence ” My next grandson will come”. The clan mom’s answer may surprise you! She said ” Kourtney, or maybe Kylie or Kendall!” ” That leaves thinking since Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are no longer together!

So Kris’ response surprised! Compared to Kylie, she backtracked! In fact, she added, ” J e do not know if Kylie and Travis are back together , they are just excellent co-parents. ” This pseudo revelation may run much ink.

Next, Kourtney has a new boyfriend: Younes Bendjima. Will they have a child together? Kris Jenner gave Kourtney’s first name first, so that puts us on the chip. But the future will tell … So there remains Kendall Jenner, but the latter had said not to feel rushed at all!

So, after these few revelations, we can’t wait to know if there will be repercussions! Especially in the Keeping up with the Kardashians series! Kourtney has also taken a step back from the family series.


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