Kris Jenner Reportedly Tells Kylie to “Slow Down” Her Spending


Kris Jenner of The Kardashians is concerned about how Kylie Jenner’s daughter is spending her hard-earned money, and even urged Kylie to calm down. Mamager has always helped her children navigate through adulthood, but has not always controlled their finances. Now Chris is making sure that her daughter can retire one day.

As the youngest of the Kar-Jenner clan, Kylie grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth. Although she eventually started her own business and signed endorsement agreements, fans still remember when she was a teenager on a family show. In recent years, Kylie has been scolded for her deaf posts, including giving her daughter Stormy Webster an expensive school backpack and even hiring a private jet. Now Chris seems to be sounding the alarm about his daughter’s spending habits.

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There is no doubt that Kylie and her famous siblings are much richer than most of their followers. Many followers believe that a large family is disconnected from reality. Kylie recently posted a photo of her private jet, which caused a negative reaction from fans. An insider told Page Six that Chris is extremely concerned about Kylie’s money habits, noting that after she bought the plane, Chris had to step in “to tell her to slow down.”

Just this week, Kylie bought a plane for $72 million, which angered fans who called her a “climate criminal.” As fans of the Kardashian family know, Chris is Kylie’s business manager, and although the family is used to a luxurious lifestyle, even the matriarch is waving warning flags. The source concluded that Kylie has always been good with money, but Chris still encourages Kylie to make “smart investments.” The council has yet to be headed by the 24-year-old business mogul, but it seems everyone, including fans, is trying to keep her in line.

The Kardashian star clearly has the funds to maintain the plane, which will cost her $5 million a year, but fans are wondering how long she will be able to maintain it. With an airplane, five mansions, a Bugatti and a pink Rolls Royce, Kylie, without a doubt, leads a rich and famous life. Perhaps Chris will succeed in his efforts to teach his daughter rigorous Excel spreadsheets before the younger Jenner discovers she has nothing left to spend.


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