Kraven: Who is the Spider-Man Villain Played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson?


Kraven: Actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who has been in the Marvel Film Universe as Pietro Maximoff the Mercury, was recently chosen by Sony Pictures to play the villain Kraven in a spin-off film from the Spider-Man story.

Despite the agreement between Marvel and Sony, which made it possible for Peter Parker to integrate into the MCU, the latter is still the holder of the character’s rights, as well as all of his villains and supporting characters. In this sense, these new productions would not pass through the hands of Marvel and would be part of Sony’s own cinematographic universe.

But who is Kraven? What are your intentions? Find out more about the character and his relationship with Spider-Man!

Kraven the Huntsman: understand more about the Marvel character

In the original Marvel Comics comics, Kraven’s origin story begins with the Russian Revolution, which took place in 1917. In this context, the Kravinoffs are presented, who were part of the Russian aristocracy, but lost their titles and privileges with the rise of socialist ideals — a clear reference to the Romanov dynasty.

It is here that Sergei Nikolaievich Kravinoff first appears. The character grew up with an uneasy feeling of losing his own identity, finding a job in Kenya. It was in this African country that he discovered his talent for hunting, something that motivated him to move forward.

By reinventing himself in the United States, he decided to become the greatest hunter the world could ever meet. With that, he started to strive and improve, taking a certain potion so that his skills were strengthened. From that point on, he became an even more powerful super soldier than Captain America.

When Chameleon, a childhood friend with great skills of his own, invites him to go on a hunt in New York, he quickly accepts. It is in this scenario that he meets Spider-Man and soon realizes that defeating him is a very difficult task. In this way, Kraven develops an obsession with Peter Parker and wants to catch him anyway.

Sony Pictures hasn’t released many details about the Kraven spin-off, other than Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s participation. However, it is worth noting that the company remains ambitious in its attempt to strengthen the franchises it owns.

Certainly, public expectations are already high. So stay tuned and wait for more news from this project!


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