KPOP: Day6’s Young K Drops Song For K-Drama Web


Young K from the group KPOP DAY6 recently released a song with a music video for the soundtrack of the Web K-Drama Let Me Off the Earth. You can not lose this!

Young K, a member of the Korean group Day6, is in charge of singing, playing bass, and is known for being a great songwriter and lyricist for his band. But now he surprises us with the new release of a song for a K-Drama. “Let Me Off The Earth” is a youth comedy that premiered Sep 11, 2020 on NAVER TV, V LIVE and YouTube. This new K-Drama has 10 chapters of 10 minutes each.

The lyrics of the song are about wanting to say something to someone that is difficult to say or find the words to express it.

This song was not only expected by the public of the Web Drama Let Me Off the Earth but also by the entire fandom of the Kpop Day6 group since the release of the song’s teaser that was published the day before the official video.

Let Me Off The Earth

This Web K-Drama is about a group of 17-year-old friends who after graduating from boring and tedious high school find themselves back in their freshman year once again living the same student life for the thirty-third time.

Park Yejin who has been in a loop for the 32nd time and finds himself in a one-sided love for HanGyeol all these times. Ahn Semin, who has experience in part-time jobs, there is none that he hasn’t done before. He thinks friendship and love are luxuries, but these days there is someone who caught his eye. Kim JIwoo, She is a suspicious transfer student who suddenly appeared. She is a smart student who won first place in school as soon as she transferred.

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Due to the little activity that Day6 has done as a group, Youngk has dedicated himself to publishing a couple of original songs on the YouTube channel DAY6 and several covers of different artists and genres rarely accompanied by his bandmate Wonpil, with whom together The group’s drummer Dowoon released a mini album recently titled The Book of Us: Gluon, which featured Where The Sea Sleeps as the title track with official video.


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