Kourtney Kardashian leaves her leather coat open and puts all her physics


Kourtney Kardashian demonstrates how good a black bra looks combined with a brown cashier.

Kourtney Kardashian shared a post on the Instagram account of her Poosh account. In the image the older sister of the Kardashian appears with a brown leather coat, which, on this occasion, did not wear it as a single garment, because underneath you could see a set of underwear with black bra and brown panties.


The image is a promotion of its cover in the magazine Health Magazine, which will be published in the month of April.

The weekend Kourtney also gave much to talk about thanks to the publication made by the YouTube channel of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”


In the space of photography of this platform the celebrity appears in the sixth publication with a green dress, under which she is naked and her dimples above the butt are still giving much to talk about.

For the picture

But Saturday was also a day of tanning, since with her sisters she enjoyed a day in front of the pool, and this time it was she who wore the most ardent bikini in the clan.


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