Kourtney Kardashian is still sleeping with her daughter


Kourtney Kardashian (43) is also next to her offspring at night! The reality TV star is the mother of several children: with her ex-boyfriend Scott Disick (39 years old), the Kardashian Family actress has three children. In 2009, her first son Mason Disick (12 years old) was born, and three years later Penelope (10 years old) made family happiness perfect. The latter always has a mom by her side, because Courtney still sleeps with her daughter!

In the podcast “Not thin, but not fat”, the 43-year-old girl chatted openly and said that Penelope continues to sleep in her bed. “She’s been sleeping with me every day since she was born and she’s still sleeping,” Courtney told the host. However, there are probably exceptions: “If a friend doesn’t stay with her or she doesn’t leave me to sleep with Travis (46) or Aunt Coco [Chloe] or Aunt Kiki [Kim],” Travis Barker’s wife added.

But not only Courtney and her offspring are inseparable. Penelope seems to be on good terms with her stepfather Travis — they wore similar outfits during a family trip in August. In the photos obtained by the Mirror, Courtney’s offspring is wearing a T-shirt of the punk band The Cure. The drummer of Blink182 also chose a rock image and wore a top from the rapper Ice Cube (53 years old).


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