Kourtney Kardashian hyper charming for the cover of Healthy Magazine!


Kourtney Kardashian has just released a new photo on his Instagram account. The young woman is sublime for Healthy Magazine.

During confinement, Kourtney Kardashian took the opportunity to publish a sublime shoot for Healthy Magazine! The young woman is more beautiful than ever!

While Kanye West’s wife shared a photo of herself and Kylie Jenner this morning, Kourtney Kardashian is also using confinement to sort through her photos.

Indeed, the mother of North, Psalm, Chicago and Saint seems nostalgic. This difficult period forced the young woman to dive back into her past in order to look at photos of her sisters.

These are then greatly missed. But no way to defy the ban, she will remain confined with her family as long as it takes.

So, despite the crisis, Kourtney Kardashian also tries to bring his social networks to life. Mason’s mom, Penelope and Reign then share a snapshot of her Healthy Mag shoot.

On this one, the young woman appears more charming than ever and looks like two drops of water to her sister, Kim. In wild mode, Kourt sets fire to his Insta!

In the image by photographer Greg Swales, Kourtney Kardashian is sitting in the sand. Dressed in a long brown leather coat, she also wears shorts.

In a black leather bra, the young woman thus reveals her generous chest and then shows the voluptuous forms of her body.

Kris’ older daughter could even be mistaken for her sister Kim. Indeed, his gaze fixed on the objective, Kourtney Kardashian adopts a makeup worthy of the clan.

Besides, a fan did manage to make a mistake between the two sisters by writing a simple “Mrs West” under the photo. It seems to have greatly pleased his fans. Indeed, there were more than 800,000 of them liking the cliché.


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