Kourtney Kardashian confined: She feasts on pastries


Kourtney Kardashian feasts on confinement. Indeed, the eldest of Kardashian takes the opportunity to make delicious cakes! Kourtney Kardashian is also in confinement . And it looks like she is counting on these few days at home to develop her cooking skills!

In recent days, the world seems to be idling. In fact, the constantly moving coronavirus has put all activities of daily life on hold.

And even the biggest stars are no exception. This is for example the case of Kourtney Kardashian . The older sister of the Kardash ‘also decided to stay at home to avoid any risk.

And Kourtney Kardashian is right! Indeed, while France has returned to compulsory confinement, the USA is preparing for the same situation.

The 1st world power wants at all costs to limit the spread. And therefore adopt the same measures as European countries like France, Italy or Spain.

But this confinement may be good news for some. Indeed, it will allow those who have a life at a hundred an hour to slow down for a few days their pace.

So Kourtney Kardashian decided to do simple things . Like cooking, for example, which she cannot always do given her busy schedule.

And Kourtney turns out to be a real cordon bleu . She especially has a soft spot for pastries as shown in her Instagram stories. The latter made the fans drool.

Indeed, Kourtney first unveils a picture of heart-shaped waffles . She pours a delicious maple syrup over it. A specialty that is very American and whose star loves it.

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Then Kourtney Kardashian , unveils a round cake covered with icing sugar. The latter comes straight from Kris Jenner. We hope she washed her hands well!


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