Kourtney Kardashian accused of having abandoned her dog: she replies!


Kourtney Kardashian has just been criticized again. She is accused of having abandoned her dog to offer another to her children.

Nothing is going well for Kourtney Kardashian. The eldest of the famous family has just been hit. This time, she passes for an unworthy dog ​​mistress!

When it comes to Kim’s big sister, fans are never very enthusiastic. Indeed, Kourtney Kardashian always seems very criticized by the Net surfers. After being accused of being a bad mom, she is said to be a bad owner today. According to fans, the latter would have cowardly abandoned her dog Honey to have a new one. If the young woman says she is a protector of animals and especially a potential ecologist, she does not give this image at all.

Indeed, Kourtney Kardashian is well known for her fads. Every four mornings, the young woman wakes up trying to try new things. One day she refuses to eat gluten, the next day, it is absolutely necessary to avoid chemical substances. Besides, even her sisters have it over their heads. Kourtney’s behavior therefore really begins to annoy the whole world!

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But what should we name her?

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If everything seemed to be going well in Kourtney Kardashian’s life, the young woman risks falling from above. However, Mason’s mom, Reign and Penelope wanted to be generous. She thus offered a new puppy to her children for Christmas. A pretty golden retriever that she showed on social media. And if her children seemed delighted with their mother’s gift, fans found it shameful.

“Call the temporary since you never keep your dogs. This is one of the criticisms that Kourtney Kardashian then received below the Insta post. Neither one nor two, the influencer, too, answered a well-meaning sentence. “Wow so much negativity. Of course we still have Honey, our baby Pom Pom, but thank you for your presumptions. I take it that Santa Claus was not nice to you, evidenced by your attitude. “This should set the record straight!


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