Kotlin 1.4 released for developers! Here’s what’s new


Kotlin, one of the fastest growing programming languages ​​in recent years, gained some innovations with its 1.4 version. The language frequently used by Android developers, with its new version, brings many bug fixes and ease of writing code. The new version of Kotlin has been released to Android Studio users.

Although version 1.4 was released at the end of July, Android Studio users just got this update.

Kotlin 1.4 introduced to Android Studio users

The Kotlin language may be the fastest growing language in recent years. The language known as the combination of Python and Java is mostly preferred by Android developers. Apart from Android development, it is also used in server-side development, web development and application development for operating systems. According to reports, 3.5 million people used the Kotlin language in 2018, while this number increased to 5.8 million in 2019.

Fixed 60 performance issues with the version 1.4 of Kotlin. Some of the errors that we frequently encounter in the IDE have been resolved with this update.

Android Studio has another feature for Kotlin; debug window. You can start a new Kotlin project from this window or you can debug the code you wrote faster.

JetBrains, the company that developed Android Studio, implements a new compiler algorithm with Kotlin 1.4. This new compiler algorithm was present in the previous version, now the new algorithm will be used by default.

It should also be noted that some innovations have been added so that Kotlin can work with Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and JavaScript. To use these innovations, you must have the earliest 2020.1 version of JetBrain’s IntelliJ editor and Android Studio 4.1.


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