KORG Kaossilator music app is free on Android and iOS


KORG is offering the Kaossilator music app for free on Android and iOS because of the Coronavirus. For a limited time, the synthesizer that lets you create soundtracks on your phone, and usually costs around R $ 68.99, can be downloaded for free on both operating systems, to help keep people busy during the COVID-19 pandemic. .

According to a publication on the company’s official website, Kaossilator for Android can be downloaded free of charge until March 20. The iOS edition, called iKaossilator, is being distributed free of charge on the App Store until the 31st, the last day of the month.

The person in charge of the application explains that the action aims to bring yet another entertainment option for people to occupy themselves during the period of growth of the Coronavirus, which spreads like the common flu and can proliferate quickly in crowded environments. According to KORG, Kaossilator can offer a “musical way to occupy the mind” even for those who do not play musical instruments.

The company also points out that the application has family sharing. With this, in case any friend or relative misses the free period, it is possible to download and use the musical tool through shared library solutions present in the Play Store and App Store. Thus, it is also possible for more people to use the Kaossilator without sharing the same device, which can serve as a vector for the transmission of germs.

For those who don’t know, Kaossilator is a music synthesizer that has a library of 150 sounds to create soundtracks and mixes using your cell phone. The solution has several professional options and uses colors to assist in the design of audios. In addition to being a tool that can be useful for DJs, the application also has a friendly interface that makes the program a good gateway for those who are starting out in the music industry or just want to have fun.


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