Koreans claim RM got more handsome after this video


Koreans claim that BTS’s RM has become even more attractive after seeing this video of him backstage.

Koreans claim BTS’s RM has become even more attractive after seeing this video of him backstage

A clip of RM of BTS walking backstage at the 2018 Soribada Best K-Music Awards has surprised Koreans at how handsome and idol he really is.

An online community post exclaimed that RM’s aura surprised the original poster, because they never considered RM a visual member, but the clip made them change their minds!

BTS’s RM More handsome?

This was taken backstage from Soribada … I never thought of anything about the images of him, but I was surprised when I saw that clip … Seriously, he is definitely handsome. He’s definitely a celebrity … his aura.

While it is well known that RM has a strong stage presence, some Korean netizens were also surprised by his aura off stage.

Comments from fans -ARMY- on social networks:

“I have to give it to his physique, I bet he’s handsome in real life.”

“No, but I’ve never thought of him before, but recently, do I find him handsome? I’m not kidding.”

“Every day I think I will stop liking him because he looks a little strange, but every day I love him more.”

“My mother saw Bangtan and the first thing she said was that Namjoon is the most handsome.”

“Honestly, I think he’s really handsome these days. But in the old videos he looked a little strange and not that attractive.”

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